Max – The Memories of a First Grader

Thirty-six side-splitting, never boring stories from the life of first-grader, Max.

The world of six-year-old Max is filled with miracles and lessons. Because every day he comes up against questions like these: why is he too small to get to the cupboard where the hot
chocolate is kept, but too big to drink it? How come his school candy cone is brimming with sweets when he’s only allowed to eat one a day? When it comes to parenting, what things
is Mum good at, but Dad mostly better? How come his big sister can stand on her head but can’t unscrew jam jars? And why can’t girls play football but still always win?

Jan Weiler’s skilful story-telling describes setbacks big and small, hilarious adventures and profound thoughts. Perfect for reading aloud, listening to and laughing along, over and over again