Love Without a Recipe

Alma is living her dream: her own Mediterranean vegan restaurant on Hamburg’s St. Pauli, and has re-invented the cuisine that up to now has supposedly required a piece of meat or fish on the plate. To make even more diners happy, she’s applied to the city for permission to use the parking places in front of the restaurant as a patio area. Actually only a formality, thinks Alma, since the city is busy trying to think up other uses than cars for their parking places, anyway.

But when one day a delivery van is parked on HER parking places, she’s yanked back into reality.
Worse yet is what the van signifies: it seems the empty retail space next to her restaurant is about to be occupied – by a store for leather goods!
Dead animals on display adjacent to her restaurant? That’s a guaranteed business killer! And to make the chaos complete, the owner of the new store, the charming Stefan, turns Alma’s life upside-down …