Like the Sun at Night

Antje Babendererde returns to her dearest topic – with a new Native American novel rich in images, gripping, magic, secret canyons, wild sceneries and an unusual love story.

A love under the sun of New Mexico, a wild, tender and unique love story between two worlds that is rich in imagery.

At the end of her exchange year in New Mexico Mara is looking for an adventure. And she literally stumbles upon it in the form of an injured boy with black hair who has lost his memory and ability to talk. All he remembers is his name – Kayemo. Together they set out into the wilderness. They discover secret sites of the Pueblo Native Americans and traces that lead to Kayemo’s past. Each step takes them to even more sinister secrets. Secrets that seem to make the tender feelings that grow between Mara and Kayemo impossible. Yet their love for one another has long since blossomed.