Let’s Go See Papa

Illustraded by Alba Marina Rivera

Told from the point of view of a young Latin American girl whose father has gone abroad to work and send money home to the family, this picture book tells the other side of the immigration story: the
experience of those left behind.

The young narrator hasn’t seen her beloved Papá for “one year, eight months and twenty-two days,” but he calls every Sunday, when phone rates are cheaper.

And one Sunday, he asks her over the phone if she would like to come and see him. She is excited to see her father again at last! But it turns out that she will not just be going to visit, but to live with him, far away, in another country. Suddenly, she realizes everything she must leave behind—not just physical
things (she can bring only what fits in one suitcase) but her abuela and her dog Kike and her friends.

Gorgeously illustrated by the winner of the Bologna Ragazzi New Horizons Award, who draws on her own experiences to add warmth and texture to the images.