Kings Of Chaos #01

As Tame as Schoolyard Sharks

The author of the Chaotic Genius series sold a total of 120.000 copies in Germany and has been translated into Bulgarian, Spanish and Turkish!

When I jump into the shark pool of my new school, i.e. walk into the schoolyard, I realize at once who I am dealing with. Grinning like a T Rex before breakfast, Abdi directly approaches me, followed by his gang. They are about to make fish food out of me. “Yo, I’m the King of School,“ Abdi declares, and then I do something rather stupid: I crack up. I laugh and guffaw and just can’t stop. King of School? Dream on! There can surely be only one king, and that’s – me!

Jakob Musashi Leonhardt is an expert on penning reading fun for boys 10+, 11+ and 12+.

3 books planned so far in this series!