Joyful Growing

Healthy eating guide for family meals

Joyful Growing is the first solo book by Melisa Gómez, co-author, together with Juan Llorca, of the bestseller For Everyone’s Mouths.

In this fundamental book, the author offers us a detailed guide to child nutrition that will accompany us through all the stages of our children’s growth: from nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, through complementary feeding and the nutritional needs of children in the school stage, to the arrival of adolescence, without forgetting the plant-based options in all these periods. The result is an essential reference manual on infant feeding, designed with a practical approach to resolve all those essential doubts surrounding the feeding and health of our children, as well as day-to-day family meals and dinners, with valuable recommendations, corroborated by current scientific evidence.

Readers will find a comprehensive, flexible and respectful approach to child nutrition, so that they can decide which are the best alternatives for their children, enjoying themselves together with them, safe in the knowledge that their nutritional needs are covered.

“It is important to remember that the habits that are established in childhood will stay with children into adulthood, so we must continuously work to equip them with the tools to lead healthy lives and become the healthy and happy adults we hope they will be.”