When everything has been taken from you, you have nothing to lose.

Nineteen-year-old Canadian Mathis accompanies Hope, an 11-year-old Somali, as he flees right across South America. The two have barely set out, when two shady characters start following them – and they are not the only threat to confront Hope and Mathis on their breath-taking journey.

As they travel through the Amazon rainforest, across the Panamericana highway and on the roof of a high-speed goods train speeding along, death lurks in the shadows on all sides; they barely escape with their lives on more than one occasion.

Will the pair make it to freedom?

– Fast-paced, political adventure novel touching on controversial topics, such as climate change, refugees and world politics
– Highly topical, captivating and disturbing. Exceptionally absorbing right from the very first page
– With vignettes, notes and additional information for each chapter
– Topical, gripping and unsettling: the latest novel by German Youth Literature Prize laureate Peer Martin