Holland House

‘Plenty of colour locale and a vivid portrayal of the Brazilian culture gives this thriller a realistic edge. The almost fanatical drive of the main characters gives the narrative the necessary pizazz and tension that a good thriller needs. A strong, solid debut!’ Hebban

‘A modern thriller that has you hooked within a few pages and will not let you go.’Leuke Suggesties

A young reporter uncovers the seedy underbelly of Rio de Janeiro.
What is going on behind the scenes of the biggest sporting event in the world…

Young reporter Sanne Gregorius follows her boyfriend Fabian, who is a part of the Dutch Olympic team as a physical therapist, to Rio de Janeiro. Chasing down leads, she runs into the Brazilian construction worker Orestes. He tells Sanne about the misery that has befallen many poor Brazilians over the past few years. Moreover, he knows about an employment agency that is heavily involved with criminal activities – match-fixing, to be specific. This agency has been supplying the Olympics with supporting staff…

It would be a great scoop, immediately establishing Sanne’s credentials as a reporter, if she were the one to reveal the malicious acts that take place behind the scenes of the Olympics. As athletes from all over the world travel to Brasil and compete for golden medals while millions of viewers watch, Sanne is introduced to the dark side of Rio de Janeiro. On her quest for the truth, she’s not only endangering her own life, but also the lives of the people around her…

HOLLAND HOUSE is a smoothly-written thriller about the intrepid Sanne, who dreams of becoming a world-class reporter. She discovers an interesting lead about possible match-fixing at the Olympics – a hot topic if there ever was one – and, guided by her ambition, she chases it, sticking her hands in a hornet’s nest. Equally fascinating is the plot regarding William, a Chinese ‘fixer’, who travels the world to ensure that specific matches go the right way – that is, the way of his gambling clients…

The biggest draw of this fast-paced novel is the originality of the plot and how well it is executed: the author, a research journalist, obviously knows what’s she talking about. It ties directly into the scandals that have been rocking the world of sports the last few years, but it uses these issues to tell a smart, fast-paced story.

Another draw is the main character – Sanne – who is so charming you can’t help but admire her.



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