Healthy Feet and Everything is Good

Holistic health without insets, medication, or operations

The fascinating interaction between feet and the rest of the body

Our feet often must eke out a shadowy existence – yet they are far more than just the end of our legs. They present evidence that we can interpret: How am I getting on in life? Which health problems are burdening me? Where are there tension zones in my body?

Carsten Stark is an expert for the close interrelationships between feet and the rest of the body. He explains in this book the significance the feet have for our health and what does them good or harm. And he shows how simple exercises can help not only the feet, but how by taking the feet into account other physical complaints can also be resolved. An important role is played by barefoot running: readers discover what they should pay attention to and how they can, step by step, become barefoot runners.

•Many tips and simple exercises for healthy feet and a healthy body

•With a questionnaire for a self-diagnosis