Hawaii Love

Big dreams and palpitations in Hawaii


Germany’s tennis shooting star Louisa is devastated after an injury. At her godmother Kay’s tennis school in Hawaii, she wants to concentrate fully on her comeback. When she overdoes it during her first running training session on the beach, she wakes up on the couch of a handsome surfer boy of all people. But he is off-limits when she finds out that he is Vince Greenfield, with whom her godmother is at war because he is renovating a surfer hostel in the direct neighbourhood of her beach villa. Although she doesn’t want to stab Kay in the back, Louisa is increasingly drawn to Vince. Until she discovers that he has embezzled a few important chapters of his life …


Ever since Laurie Greenfield was saved from drowning by the celebrated big wave surfer Griffin “Chip” Chipman, she has been determined to become a lifeguard. Chip’s brother Tristan, who is a lifeguard but makes no secret of the fact that he thinks Laurie is completely unfit to withstand the harsh conditions on the rough North Shore, is supposed to train her.

But as he trains Laurie, he realises that there is much more to her than he thought. And that she has a rather enchanting smile. Laurie also has to reconsider her opinion of Tristan when she realises that he is not only hard on her, but also on himself. Most of all, she wonders what the reason is …

A charming enemies-to-lovers story from the bestselling author of the New Adult series “Green Valley” and “Cherry Hill”. To dream away and fall in love with!


After her colleague falls ill at short notice, Mililani “Millie” Preston (25) is sent to Hawaii by her boss. She is to finish filming a Netflix documentary about big wave surfing on her home island. The fact that it’s about her first love Griffin “Chip” Chipman, of all people, doesn’t make things any easier. After all, Millie broke up with the world’s most successful big wave surfer for good reason. She couldn’t forgive him for continuing to risk his life chasing the biggest waves and setting records, even though a fatal surfing accident shattered both their lives. Millie has left the island, studied in California and built a new life for herself there. When she meets Chip again, however, she quickly realises that the past is not as distant as she thought.