On the Power of a Resistant Emotion

Hatred, that grating, corrosive feeling, is everpresent; it bellows in the streets or whispers in middle-class resentment. It grows in parliamentary speeches, oddballs, and children’s rooms – and certainly not in secret, even if many would like to banish it there.

Şeyda Kurt frees hatred from its banishment and goes on the trail of its stubborn nature. She is especially interested in people as the bearers of hate in a capitalist, racist and patriarchal world.

Who are these haters and what kinds of power relationships are they in? Who is allowed to hate? Which feelings paralyze, and which point the way to a more just, more compassionate society?

Unsparing, entertaining, and free of self-righteous indignation, Şeyda Kurt explores the creative side of hatred: a power arising from innermost unease, a resistant tool that helps us navigate an ocean of possible reactions to the world.