Glimmer Gossip #01

  • 13.000 copies sold in 6 months only in Germany!
  • #10 SPIEGEL Best Seller List Young Adults
  • An elite boarding school, four female friends and lots of rumours.
  • Diary entries, lists, reports and secret records.
  • Irresistible design, with plenty of glitz and glamour.

A series about the mysteries, secrets and stormy teenage dramas at an elite boarding school.

If you ever think nothing worse could happen, just ask Lexi Glimmer!

Lexi Glimmer is determined to make a fresh start at Sandsgarden, an elite boarding school. At least that is the plan. To that end, she has even taken over editing the boring school magazine. But as usual, nothing goes according to plan. Of all people, Jack the show-off is her fellow editor, and to make matters worse, people suspect her of having posted some nasty gossip on the blackboard. In order to prove her innocence, she needs to find the real culprit. That is not so easy. Jack gets on her nerves, her friend Holly stumbles from one mess to another, and a mysterious caller presents her with some strange puzzles. She is now up to her eyes in problems. Her life really needs a spoiler alert: “Beware! Chaos ahead!”


Glimmer Gossip #02 (March, 2024)