Gladiator’s Love

Personal reading recommendations from well-known bloggers:

"With 'Gladiator's Love', Asuka Lionera has succeeded in creating a story that is unparalleled in the world of romantic fantasy. An absolute reading highlight with a heart-pounding guarantee!" (Beril from @berilria.books)

"This book is full of indescribable emotions, passion & thrills in concentrated form and this complex world with its unique characters didn't let me go. Page after page a rollercoaster ride of emotions and the perfect mix of magic, suspense and love." (Yvonne from @book_lovely29)

Day after day, Aeryn must fight as a gladiator in the arena and win the favour of the spectators. For this is the only way she can survive in a foreign land as an enslaved Vantyr whose fire magic has been sealed away. What she has left is her blazing pride and her irrepressible desire for freedom.

In order to never again have to fight a bloody battle, Aeryn finally comes up with an almost impossible plan, ready to sacrifice even her own life. But Cato, of all people, the bodyguard of one of the country’s arena operators, trips up her determined heart.

With her unique, romantic fantasy novel, Asuka Lionera was able to inspire so many readers that “Gladiator’s Love” became a SPIEGEL bestseller immediately after publication.