Emma, the Faun and the forgotten Book

“Mechthild Gläser’s writing is sure-footed and very funny, and she plays deftly with literary and pop culture references.”
Christine Lötscher, Tages-Anzeiger

The protagonist of Mechthild Gläser’s latest novel is sixteen-year-old Emma, a modern-day Emma
Woodhouse, based on the heroine of Jane Austen’s famous novel.
Emma has a very clear idea of what constitutes her perfect life, and will go to great lengths to achieve it. So imagine her delight when she finds an old notebook and quickly realises that whatever she writes down in it comes true. The notebook is the perfect way for Emma to create the perfect life she has dreamed of for herself and her friends.
But having managed several times to manipulate reality with the help of the mysterious notebook, Emma realises that the rash things she has written have the potential to put both herself and her classmates in danger…

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