Lia’s Train and the Stops with no Names

Lia gets on the train on the way to Conchimaba. And nothing is going okay. Her parents have sent her to her auntie’s place in the mountains for the holidays. But while she’s dwelling in her bad mood, she notices something strange: The station’s sign is blank. Surely they will be doing repairs… And then there is this peculiar person who looks like the bad guy in a movie, travelling with her in the same wagon. Perhaps the journey won’t be as boring or as calm as Lia expected. It all begins when at the next stop the sign is also blank.


The evil mysterious sourcerer Destraler has erased the names of the villages and their people’s memory of it. On a colourful journey, Lia invents a new name for each village, that has lost their name and so restore their people’s lost identities.