Donnie & Jan #01

The Gangster Cows Attack

Two different boys. Two opposite worlds. One mission.

Dominic Otto Nicholas Nathaniel Igor Edward, Count of Traubenborn-Hayn, known as Donnie, can’t believe that his father has decided to move out into the country with him. No more private school, no more posh car, and not even Ursula the housekeeper is coming with them. And you can only get WLAN in the henhouse! How on earth is Donnie supposed to find his way around? And then there’s Jan, Dad’s girlfriend’s son. He’s just as unhappy about this patchwork experiment as Donnie, and would like to get rid of him as soon as possible.  The situation forces the two of them to work together, and they hatch a foolproof plan to bring this “brotherly country life” experiment to a swift conclusion…