"A family novel about being in between places which moved me like no other. Fatma Aydemir's voice has a force that hits you in the heart and in the gut."- Alena Schröder

Hüseyin has spent the past thirty years working in Germany, and now his biggest dream has finally come true: he bought his very own flat in Istanbul – but he promptly dies of a heart attack on the day he moves in. His family in Germany travels to Turkey for the funeral.

Fatma Aydemir’s epic social novel tells the stories of six characters who could not be more different from each other, and yet they all happen to be related and share an insatiable desire to be understood.

If every family is nothing more than a tapestry of stories, what do the holes in them mean? Do we need them because we can’t face the whole truth? Or will they eventually have everything crashing down?

“Djinns” asks these questions with power and beauty, casting its gaze deep into the history of the past decades and far ahead into the future. The six unforgettable protagonists of this novel all carry their own baggage: secrets, desires, wounds.

And yet one thing unites them all: this feeling they get in Hüseyin’s flat that someone is watching them.