What you say (and how you say it) has the power to change the world. Democracy gives you that power. Democracy is people power.

Democracy! is a highly original non-fiction guide to democracy and “people power”. It is unique because it is:

  • Accessible – the book breaks down complex ideas into simple, engaging bites. It makes social science EASY!
  • Entertaining – Philip’s cheeky sense of humour breathes life into the text and illustrations, and there are giggles throughout the pages. It makes social science FUN!
  • Full of unusual facts – for example, the voting ballots in Ancient Athens were made from painted pieces of pottery. It makes social science INTERESTING!
  • Highly visual – the full-colour illustrations are child-friendly and diverse, and help to explain the various concepts. It makes social science RELATABLE!

Each page presents simple facts about democracy and rights that are both informative and fun.  Young children will learn things like:

  • What democracy is, and how it has evolved over time
  • Alternatives to democracy, such as monarchy and anarchism
  • How democratic governments work and how elections are held
  • How we can use our own voices – our people power – to make a difference
  • …and much more

Topical and universal, Democracy! is perfect for today’s generation of curious kids. And like Philip’s previous books, Democracy! is on both on-trend and informative, making it equally suited to the trade as it is to the school and library markets.