The beginning of a new economic and financial order

Corona catharsis: an appeal for a new society

March 2020: politicians speak of the greatest challenge since the Second World War. Restrictions in social and economic life have led to changes within a very short period of time, which seemed completely impossible when they were already a reality in China. Then came the corona shock – the biggest economic crash in world history.

With Coronomics, Daniel Stelter lays the foundation for the future of the economy. His logic: What closes must also open again. But more resistant than before! Stelter explains how Germany and other countries must now prepare for the future after Corona: More investment in infrastructure, a major education offensive, the establishment of a sustainable social and tax system, a drastic increase in state efficiency and effectiveness and a comprehensive reform of the financial system. In this way, a disaster reminiscent of the Old Testament could become the key to a prosperous future for us all.

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