Constellations is a journey, an adventure, a story of loss and discovery. Where the real family is also the one, we choose.

Night is new at school. She doesn’t like it; she is bored and feels lonely. But Martin, a wise young astronomer, has rented the attic of her house and now lives with her and her mother. Night feels lost and Martin knows the language of the stars. Together they invent legends for new constellations and find the key that opens all the doors.

Throughout the 190 pages, Night will live a great adventure, find out why her father is missing, rediscover her mother’s love and learn about true friendship. You will discover the story of her past and why looking at the sky, sometimes we can find answers to many of the questions we ask ourselves.


“Today, as I turned off the light, the darkness wrapped around me,
soft and warm like a winter blanket. Night, the name my father gave me
is no longer a strange name to be ashamed of.
Now it is a name full of mysteries to be discovered.”