Circus of Shadows

Mostly shadows follow us, but occasionally it’s wise to follow your shadow

Lika doesn’t give much thought to her shadow. Sometimes it’s long, sometimes it’s short… but it is never more than a shadow.
Until the day it begins acting strangely. When Lika waves a hand, Shadow raises a foot. When Lika sits down, Shadow stands up. Lika hides in a darkened room, but the smaller she makes herself, the bigger Shadow becomes, until it picks her up and deposits her in a land of shadows, at the heart of which is a spooky shadow circus. Only by listening to her shadow will Lika find her way home.

This is a book by the acclaimed author of The Grand Hotel of Feelings about accepting the parts of us that we try to hide from… Because where there is darkness there is also light, and when the shadows dance it is always a good idea to join the fun.