Caution—Divorce Ahead!

A survival book for children of divorced parents

Divorce hurts—But this book might provide some pain relief.

When it comes to divorce, our author Frauke Angel is a professional. Herself a child of divorced parents – twice – and finding herself at the end of her own marriage at the time of writing this guide, she experienced the fallout from her divorce herself. Her highly personal and authentic approach, as well as her open discussions with
the members of the Divorced Persons’ Club (all genuine children of separation!) make this book a supportive companion through the difficult and unsettling time of reorganising a family.

Frauke Angel takes her readers seriously. She answers important questions like ‘why?’, takes children into the courtroom, and uses numerous real-life cases to provide extensive background information – including the rights of affected children. Her most important message: You’re not to blame, you’re not alone – and at some point, even the biggest pile of sh*t stops hitting the fan.

  • Created in collaboration with experts
  • Offers emotional support and encouragement foraff ected children
  • Important information about children’s rights in divorce situations
  • Personal, honest, direct and at children’s eye level