Cared For All Around

… because it takes an entire village to raise a child

The bestseller series enters a new round

“Why do you always jump up when your baby cries?” Many parents are asked such questions by grandparents, friends, or other well-meaning critics. So how do you explain to them why you shower the little one with attention, let your newborn sleep in your own bed with you, and breastfeed whenever the baby seems to be hungry?

This loving book for passing on to others will absolve parents from the need for explaining whatever they do. It provides the best reasons for a needs-oriented upbringing, based on the latest findings in infant research and garnished with many tips on how to assist the young family. Because delicious nursing biscuits or an empty washing tub often help much more than merely well-intentioned advice.

• Contemporary child-rearing methods, lovingly explained

• A four-colour gift book for grandparents, friends and family