Butterfly Island

Fateful love in Sri Lanka’s cinnamon groves

When Diana learns her great aunt has had a stroke, she drops everything and goes to her. On her death bed in Tremayne House, Emmely reveals to Diana that her family is burdened by an old, old secret – and she makes her promise to finally reveal all.

Among her aunt’s things, Diana finds her first clues: a scented rosewood box and a palm leaf inscribed with mysterious characters. They point the way to the other end of the world – to Sri Lanka.

After her husband’s recent affair, Diana is more than happy to journey into the unknown. Together with Jonathan Singh, a friend of the family, Diana immerses herself in a stunning and colourful world, and walks in her ancestor’s footsteps on a tea plantation.

And while feelings as delicate as butterfly wings slowly unfurl in her heart, she gets closer to discovering her family’s shocking secret…