Boy Meets Girl

Every step we take can be the start of a whole new story

‘Boy meets girl’: anything can start with this sentence – there isn’t a story that cannot be brought into the world with it. For Nora, too, a brief encounter changes her life entirely. All of a sudden she realises that she has for too long been a mere visitor in her own life. Now the painful end of her marriage and her ageing father’s increasing helplessness finally inspire her to make changes.

When she meets Gregory, she senses that life has more in store for her – and yet she feels like there’s something missing, something she can’t quite grasp. Then she encounters Yann again, a friend from the old days, a man she thought she’d almost lost for ever.

Julia Holbe’s novel is about all those little life-changing moments and captures the magical seconds in which doubt and fear transform into hope, and something new is born. Boy Meets Girl is like a French film: light-footed, profound and unforgettable.