Black Palace

    Vol.01: RISKING IT ALL

Glamour and intrigue in a winter wonderland: in a luxury hotel in snowy St. Moritz, a young woman tries to extract dark secrets from two handsome hotel heirs…

As Paola gazes up at the façade of the imposing Blackwell Palace with its snow-topped turrets and steep roofs, she can hardly believe that she’ll be living and working here.

This luxury hotel in St. Moritz is as famous as its owners, Charles and Edward, the heirs to the Blackwell hotel dynasty. When Paola meets them, she’s instantly intrigued: the powerful brothers are ridiculously handsome, but also troubled by a mysterious sadness that makes them unpredictable.

Despite all warnings, Paola wants to get close to them, whatever the risks. In fact, she has no choice: she has made a secret promise, and is driven by a desperate wish. Paola knows Charles and Edward have the power to destroy her – but if she plays her cards right, she could just as easily destroy them…


    Vol.02: WANTING IT ALL

Torn between two unequal brothers: the feverishly anticipated series by the New Adult bestselling author continues!

For Paola, the luxurious Blackwell Palace hotel feels like home – but after what happened at the polo match, all she wants to do is turn her back on it and get out of St. Moritz. But she has made a promise she can’t break, and has no choice but to put her trust in the one person she most wants to hate. But now Paola faces an even bigger challenge: can she hide her true feelings from Edward and Charles? The handsome but unpredictable Blackwell brothers have entangled her in a web of secrets even darker than she’d first feared. And isn’t only her special connection with them that fills Paola with dread – the worst thing is, she can only save one of them from herself…



When it’s cold outside, things hot up in Blackwell Palace: the breathtaking finale of the bestselling Blackwell Palace series

Blair loves being around the rich and famous. Working in the glamorous Blackwell Palace Casino, she knows every rumour and every scandal involving high society. She would give anything to be one of the elite, instead of handing over people’s winnings at the roulette table. When a new dating show is created, where ten young women will fight it out for a mysterious rich heir, she gives in to temptation and applies. But when she learns that one of the two dishy Blackwell brothers is the prize, she regrets her hasty decision. She has known for a while that, with his charm and wit, he’s merely hiding a darkness in his heart. Yet Blair has no choice but to get closer to him in front of the cameras. Will she stake everything to realise her dream – or protect her heart before it’s too late?