Black Bird Academy

Book 1: Kill the Darkness

Dangerous demons, hot exorcists and a fateful love: Welcome to Black Bird Academy!

The Black Bird Academy is a place like no other: at this esoteric school, future exorcists learn how to protect humans from demons.

When Leaf Young wakes up in the academy’s dungeon, she’s shocked when a good-looking guy called Falco tells her that an almost-one-night-stand was, in fact, a demon, who plunged a dagger into her before taking possession of her body. Falco is fascinated by Leaf – no one has ever before retained control over their body after being attacked by a demon, at least not without losing their mind.

The Academy makes a deal with her: they’ll let her go, but only if she agrees to let Falco train her as an exorcist. What Falco doesn’t know is that a seductive voice is talking to Leaf, and the voice is far from human…