Autumn in London

AUTUMN IN LONDON centers around a group of well-heeled young people on the Erasmus programme at an elite university in South Kensington, London. It tells the story of their entanglements, secrets and rivalries, as well as delving into the world of youtubers (where two of the characters dwell).

The Ellesmere Hotel is located to the south of Hyde Park, in one of the most exclusive districts in London, home of the creator of Peter Pan: the famous “South Kensington”.

LILY finds herself there, admitted to the university thanks to a scholarship and awestruck by her luxurious accommodation. For MEREDITH, those surroundings are completely normal; the same as for AVA, more interested in keeping a lid on her secrets despite efforts made by CONNOR, the Korean boy who always hangs out with REX (who everybody talks about because of his mother) and also Martha, the girl with blue hair who caused a real scene when she crossed paths with TOM at a party; yes, Tom Roy himself! – a friend of FINN’S, the redhead keen on video games who can’t stand OLIVER…who Lily would prefer never to have to see again.

With the beginning of autumn, they all come together in the most exclusive setting London has to offer, where the higher the peak, the more dangerous the fall.

Sample translation in English available!