Ask The Dreams To Make Noise

A story of redemption. A bildungsroman with a hint of thriller. A protagonist who stands out from the crowd, unafraid to show her fragility and fear, and transforming them into her greatest strength.

Arianna has colourless hair and is dead. Or at least, that’s how she’s felt for nearly a year. In order to help her family who are having a hard time, she spends the summer as an au pair with a wealthy family in Rome. Her dreams died along with her that terrible night a few months ago, but the nightmares never leave her. She has the same one every night, in which a woman enters the house looking for her. Then, one day, the doorbell rings… and it is her. Together with Nicola, the young bike
delivery guy she is in love with, Arianna flees Rome for Milan and her grandfather’s house. She is sure she can leave everything behind and start afresh, but the most painful secrets need to be shared and dealt with…