25 Modern Buildings Across the World

What is modern architecture all about? Twenty-five buildings from around the world that every child should know

From private homes, temporary housing, markets and schools, to opera houses, factories, museums and libraries, this book introduces young readers to 25 buildings from around the globe – all of them fascinating works of architecture that have made the world a better place.

Each building is presented on its own spread, and Pamela Baron’s exquisitely detailed illustrations both contextualise their design and depict the people who live, work, and play there. Annette Roeder’s accessible texts explain the special contribution each building has made to architectural history, and describes its unique characteristics. This book is the perfect introduction to architecture for future architects and designers, showing children the ways in which buildings can help the people for whom they are designed – and the planet on which they’re built.

• Includes both famous and lesser-known exciting buildings from all over the world

• Detailed illustrations and age-appropriate educational texts

• Includes the work of numerous female architects