Amanda and the Heart of Junk

Something’s wrong at Peppermint Hill!

Not only do things mysteriously disappear without a trace, the town gets more and more littered – and no one seems to care. No one but Amanda, that is, but she has a lot on her plate already: a little sister who’s quite a nuisance, best friends who are spending more and more time with the mean new guy in class, and ever since she fell into a strange liquid at her parents’ junk yard, she’s discovering weired new abilities. Like the one that lets her speak to her self-made scrap figurines that have suddenly come to life. When things are spiralling out of control, Amanda and her new friends seem to be the only ones standing between the destruction of their town and the phantom menace brooding beneath …

An unusual superheroine with cute side-kicks combatting a real issue personified: excessive waste production and pollution.