They know Everything about You

"Alterworld is a topical thriller that moves within the world of information and computing that will make you wonder about how much of reality and how much fiction is hidden behind its pages, and to what extent do they really know everything about us?"  -   Érase un libro

"An entertaining novel and with a different point to everything that is being published lately",  -  Cruces de caminos

"Antonia Huertas, professor of mathematics and expert in artificial intelligence, puts her academic studies at the service of history without abusing technicalities. Above all, her knowledge on these matters is essential to endow the novel with credibility. She uses everyday language to tell a story that cleverly intertwines the professional adventures of the protagonist, with her private life",  -  Black Club

“Anywhere on the planet, someone may be passing themself as you to commit a crime.”

June, 2015. Beppa Mardegan is a brilliant Italian analyst and inspector at Europol, specialised in cybercrime and organised crime. She is being assigned to the investigation of an aircraft accident in which a senior Europol computer security officer was killed, a high-ranking officer who was thought to be involved in serious cases of corruption and blackmail related to computer security.

Strangely, on the very same day, police show up at the door of Beppa’s best friend Caterina: a mobile phone has been found containing Caterina’s personal information even though it’s not her’s. Beppa suspects a case of digital identity theft and without saying anything to anybody, she starts to investigate on her own; her friend could be in danger.

Trying to protect her friend, Beppa suddenly finds herself on a run of a 30-day countdown for her own life where she is forced to face the parallel worlds of crime – the ‘real’ and the virtual – , to deal with one of the internationally most wanted cybercriminals, someone as dangerous as seductive, having to use methods that are dangerously balanced, right on the edge of the borders of legality.

A thrilling cyberterrorism novel that will catch you from the first page – fascinating, disturbing and revealing.