All-Action Classics: Dracula

“Action-packed and full of the thrills and chills expected of Gothic literature, this adaptation is a fine way to introduce reluctant teen readers to a worthy classic. With fluidity and stylized flair, Caldwell’s beautiful art, reminiscent of Don Bluth’s, aptly captures the mood of the tale, shifting effortlessly between muted somber tones and vivid splashes of color.” —Booklist

Everyone’s favorite bloodsucker is captured in a spine-tingling graphic novel.

In 1897, Bram Stoker gave the world one of literature’s most compelling characters—and, since then, Dracula has thrilled and terrified generations of fans. Now the evil Count Dracula comes alive in an electrifying graphic novel that follows the vampire from his looming and ominous castle in Transylvania to Victorian London. Michael Mucci translates the tale and Ben Caldwell has created action-packed images—with meticulous attention paid to the finer details in each piece of art, from facial expressions to the historical accuracy of costuming, architecture, and heraldry. Young readers will be completely transfixed!

Ben Caldwell has written and illustrated various graphic novels, including the award-nominated The Dare Detectives, Sterling’s All-Action Classics adaptations, and Wonder Woman. He is also  a toy designer, animator, and game artist.

Writer Michael Mucci has a background in animation, but is best known for his toy designs for Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Blade, and other film and comic properties.