Oepli 2021

OEPLI and the territorial sections CLIJCAT, GALTZAGORRI and GÁLIX, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports has just made public the selection of the best children’s books published in Spain during 2021.

In this list we can find following titles that are related to the agency:

“El llenguatge secret” by Anna Manso (Edebé)

“Fisno y Pelucho” by Vanesa Pérez Sauquillo illustrated by Susana Soto (Loqueleo)

– “Tami, el maquinista” by Núria Parera, illustrated by Dani Torrent (Babulinka)

“Rastellera de colors” by Pep Molist, illustrated by Alicia Varela (Babulinka)

¡Feliciades a todos!

Muy orgullosos de representar a Anna Manso, Vanesa Pérez-Sauquillo, Susana Soto y a la editorial Babulinka (foreign rights)