Happy birthday to us!

This year the agency celebrates a milestone anniversary. We are 40 years old and this makes us feel especially proud. The fact that a cultural company has had such a long history, has weathered the storms and has reached its 40th anniversary stronger than ever, has its merits.

Our formula for getting this far: a fantastic, well-cohesive team, hard work, transparency and honesty, hard work, amazing and unique clients who have placed their trust in us all these years and others who have come to us more recently, setting ourselves new challenges, not taking anything for granted, offering a service that goes beyond the simple sale of rights, doing things personally and in our own way, a lot of hard work. Among many other things.

This 2024 we will take the opportunity to celebrate, to review these 40 years and also to project the next years to come – as we do, on the other hand, every new year, although this one perhaps more publicly.

On a personal note, a curious fact: in February it will be 24 years that I joined the agency, and 24 years are the years that Ute worked here from 1984 until she left us in 2008. It’s a bit of a peculiar calculation but it has made me reflect…

Time goes by but the energy and desire to take our project forward are still intact and in fact they are more powerful and alive than ever.

We are counting on all of you in this special year: here we go 2024!