“The Void” – fanzine/exhibition

“The idea of making a fanzine was born one summer afternoon on the agency’s terrace during one of our annual meetings with our illustrators. Amidst laughter, lively chat, biscuits and drinks on the rocks, someone suggested to create something together. This is something that is said, but hardly ever done. But it happened: a folder was created in the cloud, meetings were held to decide on a theme, measurements, a colour palette… A deadline was set (which almost everyone met)!

The life of an agent is less glamorous than you might imagine (lots of bureaucracy, lots of mails, lots of ghosting, lots of late flights…), so it’s a luxury that the people we represent not only have talent and love for their craft, but are also (and above all) wonderful. Bringing together such disparate artists and generating synergies and the desire to do things together is something beautiful, in the different meanings of the word. We hope that this magic can be breathed (…)” …both in the fanzine that we will launch on Friday 1st March and in the opening of the exhibition with the originals contained in the fanzine.

Where?: El Diluvio Universal, Barcelona

When?: Friday, March 1st. at 19.00h

Laia Albareda
Núria Albesa
Javier Andrada
Helena Bonastre
Clàudia Capdevila
Berta Cusó
Anna Font
Toni Galmés
Maria Gargot
Maria Guitart
Eliana Gutiérrez
Vanessa Linares
Elena Mompó
Marta R. Gustems
Susana Soto
Carolina T. Godina