Ravna – Glauser Preis 2023

The Best YA Thriller of 2022 goes to “Ravna – The Dead Woman in the Night Mountains” (RAVNA – Die Tote in den Nachtbergen) by our bestselling author Elisabeth Herrmann!

Elisabeth Herrmann has been striving for the prestigious Glauser Prize for quite some time, and she has finally achieved it. The SYNDIKAT, the association for German-language crime literature, awarded her second volume of the YA thriller series, on  May 13, 2023.

From the jury’s statement:

“Elisabeth Herrmann has masterfully portrayed a captivating world with a touch of Nordic flair. With her compelling writing style, she captivates the readers while bringing them closer to the protagonists. Despite the book’s length, she skillfully maintains a consistent curve of suspense, aided by her intense and precise expression.”