Marta R. Gustems

Marta R. Gustems (Barcelona, 1976)

After a long career as a fashion designer, in 2013 she decided to turn her career around and dedicate herself exclusively to illustration and painting.

She works for different publishing houses illustrating both album and adult books and covers. She also illustrates for the press (Núvol, Catorze) and at the same time develops her personal projects.

Among them, the collection of poems “A boca de fosc” (Editorial Fonoll) that she has written and illustrated; the story “Qui” for the blog Paper de Vidre; and she will soon make her debut as a novelist, together with Maiol de Gràcia, at the Llibres del Delicte publishing house.

As a painter, she is part of the “Carré d’Artistes” artists and has exhibited in different galleries and art markets, she has also made murals and collaborates in artistic workshops and school projects.

As an illustrator, she often uses watercolor, a technique that she masters to perfection. She likes scenes from everyday life and also from nature, and her portraits are powerful and realistic, as well as full of sensitivity.