Carolina T. Godina

Carolina was born in Barcelona in 1981, where she currently resides.

She draws since she was a child, but she did not know then that her unconditional love to this passion would turn out her way of living.

She graduated in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona in 2005. Years later, she decided to train in Illustration at the Escola Llotja in Barcelona (EASD Llotja, 2015) and close the circle and unite what she likes to do the most: draw and write.

She is a lover of legends and fantasy and horror stories, magical realism and mystery. These genres, along with her love of nature, are sources of inspiration for her work.

In her free time, if you don’t find her hiking in the mountains or reading, you might find her illustrating and writing her personal projects while she takes care of her human and feline family.

Clients: Quarto, Harper Collins US, Siruela, Algar, Alma Editorial, Sembra Llibres, Obrador Editorial.
Selected publications: