Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur

Comercial fiction, current affairs, health and self-help are the main and most succesful genres published by Droemer-Knaur. Their seat is Munich and thee Holtzbrinck Group has 100% of its shares.

Some of the main labels of the Droemer Knaur publishing group are:

Droemer: High-quality fiction, current affairs in business, politics and society, and historical biographies.

Knaur Belletristik: Historical novels, romantic tear-jerkers with happy ends and mysteries.

Knaur Ratgeber: From informative nonfiction like atlases to reference works and advice books on the subjects of body and health, mother and child, hobby and leisure.

Knaur Taschenbuch: From challenging fiction to young literature, from current political nonfiction and reference works to advice on all aspects of life, from classics to newcomers.

Pattloch: Pattloch is a traditional Christian publisher who also offers a diverse general program selection. Religious books and high-quality Bible editions are available alongside handsome coffee table books, ethically conscious nonfiction, lovingly illustrated children’s books and attractive giftbooks.
O.W.Barth: founded in 1924, it is one of the most prestigious and traditional publishing houses specialized in spiritual literature, oriental knowledge and alternative medicine.

Knaur Kreativ: crafts