Raúl Quinto

Raúl Quinto was born in Cartagena in 1978. He holds a degree in Art History from the University of Granada and currently lives in Almería, where he teaches. He was one of the coordinators of the José Ángel Valente Poetry Faculty and has collaborated as a critic in publications such as Quimera.

He is a versatile writer and for his poetic work (notably “La lengua rota”, “Sola”, “Hijo” and “Ruido Blanco” – La Bella Varsovia) he has received the Andalucía Joven Prize and the Francisco Villaespesa International Poetry Prize.

His narrative texts include “La Canción de NOF4“, an essay for which he received the Alfonso X Prize for Literature, and his latest title, the novel “Martinete del Rey Sombra“, critically acclaimed and winner of the Cálamo 2023 Prize, both published at Jekyll & Jill.