Jochen Schmidt

Jochen Schmidt lives and works in his native Berlin. Born in 1970, he has already published the following collections with C.H.Beck: ‘Champion Veg’ (Triumph Gemüse, 2000), ‘My most important bodily functions’ (Meine wichtigsten Körperfunktionen, 2007), ‘The Custodian of Pankow’ (Der Wächter of Pankow, 2015) and ‘I know how King Kong died’ (Ich weiss noch, wie Kong Kong starb, 2021). And his novels with C.H.Beck are ‘Müller turfs us out’ (Müller haut uns raus, 2002), ‘Snail mill’ (Schneckenmühle, 2013), ‘It’s All Built on Sand’ (Zuckersand, 2017) and ‘A Job for Otto Kwant’ (Ein Auftrag für Otto Kwant, 2019). With Line Hoven he has also published ‘Schmythology’, (Schmythologie, 2013) and ‘Couples talking’ (Paargespräche, 2020)