Ashley Poston

“I grew up in a small southern town and went to a small southern university (not really, it was a Big Southern University that might also have the same initials as the University of Southern California). There, I studied English because I refused to take any sort of math course (which, in hindsight, was a Very Bad Idea. There’s only so many times you can read Beowulf before you starts to ship Grendel/lost arm. In the cave. Getting… handsy).

Now I live in NYC (aka the Best City in the World, as per Starkid), working in The Industry by day and spending my nights dreaming of Hogwarts. Somewhere in the middle I write copious amounts of fanfiction about Star Trek and Dragon Age and play a hella lot of video games.”

Ashley Poston is the author of The Sound of Us (2013) and We Own the Night (2016), both novels published by Bloomsbury Spark. He published back in 2017 Geekerella with Quirk Books and after the great reception nationally and internationally, a new novel will be out in April 2019: The Princess and the Fangirl.