Uli Oesterle

The illustrator and author Uli Oesterle was born in Karlsruhe in 1966. He studied Graphic Design at the Akademie für Gestaltung from Munich and since the earlies 90s he works as an illustrator, graphic designer and author of comics.

In 1995 he founded together with other collegues the collectivity Die Artiellerie.

For his books he has been nominated for the Max und Moritz Award from the International Comic Fair Erlangen; he has been nominated for the Angouleme Festival Prize and the ICOM Independent Comic Preis, he won the Comic-Buchpreis der Berthold-Leibinger-Stiftung, and recently he has been awarded the Rudolph Dirk Award in the category best Artwork-Europe.

His books have been translated into 6 languages.