Sabine Gruber

Sabine Gruber was born in Meran (Tirol) in 1963 and  lives in Vienna.

She has published stories, radio plays,  dramatic works and novels, such as Aushäusige, Die Zumutung (Away from Home, Impertinence, 2003), Über Nacht (Over Night, 2007), Stillbach oder die Sehnsucht (Stillbach, or Longing, 2011) and the poetry collection Fang oder Schweigen (Catch or Silence, 2002).

She is a recipient of numerous scholarships and literary prizes, such as the Priessnitz Prize, the Advancement Award for the Austrian National Prize, Vienna’s Elias Canetti Scholarship, the Anton Wildgans Prize, the Robert Musil Scholarshipand Vienna’s Veza Canetti Prize.