Grete Weil

Grete Weil, 1906-1999, did an apprenticeship as a photographer after studying German in Munich. In 1935 she followed her husband Edgar Weil into exile in Amsterdam, where she took over a photo studio, worked for the Jewish Council after the German occupation of the Netherlands and helped to set up the anti-fascist «Holland Group Free Germany».

After the end of Nazi rule, she lived in the Federal Republic of Germany and dedicated her literary work primarily to the memory of the persecution and extermination of European Jews and their history. Her publications include «Tramhalte Beethovenstraat» (1963/2021), «My Sister Antigone» (1980), «At the End of the World» (1989/2022) and «Live because I, when others live» (1998).

She was awarded the Tukan Prize of the City of Munich, the Geschwister Scholl Prize, the Carl Zuckmayer Medal and the Bavarian Order of Merit.