Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Lente is the #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning writer of comics like Odd Is on Our Side (with Dean R. Koontz), Archer & Armstrong (Harvey Award nominee, Best Series and Special Award for Humor) and Action Philosophers! (American Library Association Best Graphic Novel for Teens). He co-wrote the original graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens (with Andrew Foley), the basis for the feature film. His prose short story «Neversleeps» was shortlisted for this year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy. Van Lente’s many other titles include X Men Noir, the forthcoming Weird Detective (Dark Horse 2016), Resurrectionists, The Comic Book History of Comics, The Incredible Hercules (with Greg Pak), Taskmaster, Marvel Zombies and The Amazing Spider-Man.

«Fred Van Lente speaks with the rapid buoyancy of an enthusiast, and he can’t help going off on a series of tangents before navigating to whatever his point is. A popular culture maven … intimately familiar with the fascinating and bizarre construct that is mainstream comics storytelling.»-VICE

«Some of the funniest material you’ll read in any format.» — Hollywood Reporter on Archer & Armstrong

«Wild stuff…one of the best high-concept pairings ever.»–Entertainment Weekly on Archer & Armstrong

«The achievement of the writer Fred Van Lente and the artist Ryan Dunlavey … is visualizing [thinkers] in intensely goofy but intellectually rigorous ways.»–New York Times Book Review on Action Philosophers

«Funny, goofy, and educational, this … Xeric Award recipient belongs in all academic libraries and in the adult collections of public libraries.»–Library Journal on Action Philosophers