Daniel Glattauer

Daniel Glattauer (born 19 May 1960) is an Austrian writer and former journalist. He was born in Vienna, where he still lives and works.

A former regular columnist for Der Standard, a national daily newspaper, he is best known for his dialogic epistolary novel Love Virtually (Gut gegen Nordwind) and its sequel Every Seventh Wave (Alle sieben Wellen).

Glattauer‘s novels and plays are inspired by his personal experiences, dealing with situations and themes constructed from memories of his time as a journalist and his psychosocial counsellor training.

With him often being described as a «feel-good-author», Glattauer’s work is characterized by humor and romantic relationships, catering to the masses and leading some critics to find fault with a lack of depth to his novels.

His literary works were translated into 40 languages, sold over 3 million times.