Claudia Petrazzi

Claudia Petrazzi was born in 1985 on the Tuscany’s hills, where she currently lives and works.

His granpa was a painter and that’s the reason why she grew up with penciles and paper in her hands. When in junior high she had a special encounter: her Literature teacher is passionate of books and stories and she swamp her pupils in the magical world of ink, paper and words. She never stop loving books!
While in college she decided that she will have to be an illustrator and a graphic novelist and after her graduation she moves in Milan where she works in at Yusaki studio, making stop-motion movies. In that time, she starts to collaborate with publishers as illustrator of children’s books. She works with Giunti, Piemme, Salani, Deagostini and Il Castoro.

She loves books, oddities from the past, old sci-fi and horror movies. She believes in the music of power and in the spirits living in the nature.