Caroline Pellissier & Virginie Aladjidi

Caroline Pellissier and Virginie Aladjidi are both children’s book writers. These former journalists met while working together at a kids’ magazine. Together, they have written over one hundred books for Nathan, Albin Michel, Thierry Magnier, Mame, Palette, Larousse, etc.

In tandem, Caroline and Virginie publish nonfiction, picture books, art and religion books and books for toddlers. Many of them have won awards: Le calme de la nuit (The quiet of the night), Le grand livre du jardinage (The big book of gardening), Le petit caméléon (The little chameleon), Sagesses du monde entier (Wisdom from across the world), Presque pareils (Almost the same), Un cœur qui bat (Beating heart). Virginie Aladjidi is also the author of Illustrated Inventories for Albin Michel, which has been translated into various languages.